Whether being an online business or entrepreneur, one is always looking to find ways that can help them to drive traffic and sales for their business. It is essential to refine and test a relevant marketing strategy for learning the best channels for a specific brand. By following this important concept, we have put forward a list of 28 steps that can help to increase eCommerce sales and traffic. This is the first of the series, in which we will be showcasing 7 tips. They are as follows:

Increase Traffic with SEO

Within the context of SEO, backlinks is the most important thing. The backlinks that a site has provides your domain a score out of 100 known as Domain Rank. The domain rank illustrates where your site come in results for Google search for particular keywords. Moreover, it illustrates how much organic traffic could be obtained for the site. To obtain backlinks and rank highly in Google, it is important to cover more than merely building of backlink building. Check out our articles on SEO by clicking here.

SEO Pyramid: 4 Most Important Keys To Better Ranking [Infographic]

Influencer marketing

A highly clever and important marketing gimmick is influencer marketing. It is a tool to obtain the trust of target audience by utilizing a face or name that they can recognize for endorsing a product or business. However, it is not productive to use same influencers for all products or services. It is important to identify the ideal influencers for a campaign/target audience that can leverage growth hacking tools.

Purchasing sites is better than Purchasing traffic

There are certain pay-per-click terms that can convert really well. This can allow a user to purchase a site that can also ranks for such terms. If you purchase a site that has regular traffic, it is important to keep in mind that such traffic won’t be converted as well when compared with paid traffic. When compared with paid traffic, one is able to control the landing page in a better manner, can limit the text amount and can even optimize for conversions. However, it is certainly worth buying sites that have an audience.

Facebook and Instagram ads

For obtaining higher amount of sales and traffic for an eCommerce store, the platform of Facebook ads could be a beneficial option. Due to the fact that it has low cost per clicks when compared with its competitors, display ads and Google search for most industries, Facebook ads could result in creating bring a landslide of cheap leads as well as sales for a site. Learn more about social marketing by clicking here.

Social Media Comparison Infographic

Video re-marketing

One of the highest tactic for converting marketing that can be effectively leveraged is by re-marketing everyone that visits their checkout page but does not convert them. A video can also show them of what is like for being a customer. Such videos can also appear on YouTube and Facebook. Video marketing can yield almost a 200% return on investment.

Video marketing statistics

Adopting an unconventional approach

Several campaigns that are related to re-marketing are not beneficial as they drive individuals back to an area that were not converted initially in the first place. Due to this reason when one is re-marketing users, it is essential to send them for a page that has an opposite pitch.

Two-step checkouts can beat one step

Companies can get nearly 10 to 12% lift by creating their checkout pages two steps. Whether the site is an e-commerce one or a B2B lead generation, two steps can beat out one step. This process is counter-intuitive. However, when you get someone’s personal information such as email and name, it is highly likely that you may get more data as the process has already been initiated.

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