We have put forward a list of 28 steps that can help to increase eCommerce sales and traffic. This is the second of the series, in which we will be showcasing 7 tips. You can check out the first article of the series by clicking here. Next 7 tips are as are as follows:

Avoid putting dates in URL

Lots of site owners and bloggers prefer to put dates in their URL as they hope that news sites would prefer them. By removing the dates in the URL, the search traffic can surge to nearly 60%. By leveraging this hack, it helps to make sure that the individual or brand should use the required redirects and update all of their internal links to the latest URL.

Infographic shows the tips for SEO friendly URL

Subdirectories rather than subdomains

Individuals love to utilize subdomains. However, Google provides more leverage to subfolders. This resulted in an instant 20% increase for search traffic. If this hack is going to be used, it is important to change the internal links with the new URL.

International Site Structure

Subdomains are better for Hreflang

Even though subdirectories do work in a better manner when compared with subdomains. However, it is different when a content is translated into various languages. It can help the right language version of the cross-annotated pages to appear across correct versions of google.

Issues with hreflang values

Initiating with link intersect

Links are important within the context of SEO. This is mainly because it is becoming difficult to create them. Possibly the easiest way for creating or building them is through the use of feature of link intersect by Ahrefs. Ahrefs feature allows everyone who is linked to your competitors but not you.

Ahrefs Infographic

Video is preferred by LinkedIn

For obtaining the highest possible level of attention from LinkedIn, it is important to upload videos instead of having content that is text-based. LinkedIn videos usually get viewer engagement that is two to three times more than text. As a result, to gain more traffic from LinkedIn, it is important to upload videos.

A Beginners Guide to LinkedIn Video Ads

Moreover, if one wants to gain more traffic from a social network, it is essential to view the type of content that is lacking. If a specific type of content can be provided, it is possible that the traffic will increase.

5 Ways to Use LinkedIn’s Video

It is easier to create a personal brand

From blog traffic to social media profiles, individuals are able to relate more to personal brands rather than corporate brands. For getting more followers for social media profiles, it is important to grow the traffic fast and create a personal brand.

Is Your Personal Brand a True Story?

Exit popup helps to get podcast listeners

If a company or an individual requires more listeners for a podcast, the optimum tool is addition of an exit popup for a mobile site. On the exit popup of the mobile, individuals should be asked to subscribe for a podcast. It is not optimum to use a similar exit popup for every mobile device. It is, however, important to note that showing an exit popup on digital devices could be irritating. As a result, it is important to wait at least 30 seconds before mobile users are shown an exit popup.

The anatomy of successful exit pop-ups

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