Contrary to popular belief, ample subscribers are not the only valuable ingredient in the concoction of a tasteful email. The content you choose to write to engage your readers is just as important, if not more. How else will you be able to entrap your readers if not in the snare of your carefully spun words? Here are a few facts to be considered when composing a thought-provoking email.

Know Your Audience

Indeed, the words you choose can play a big part in capturing your audience. But first, you must know who you’re targeting. The language and tone you choose depends on the niche your subscribers or your audience are mainly interested to read about.

Segment by Action

An Enticing Subject Line

The last thing you want is your subscriber to skip your email just because of a boring subject line, even if it happens to be hiding a well-composed email. It has got to be the first impression you’re setting upon your reader. You don’t need to be a genius to craft that perfect subject line. Just make sure you’re concise, to-the-point and specific. You get bonus points if you act personal with your reader. Make sure the gist of your email appears on the preview text of your subject line of a mobile screen.

Crafting the perfect Subject Line

Be Personal

My personal favorite part of composing an email, and one that comes most naturally to me, is by engaging the reader in a personal way. Believe me when I say that no one wants to feel that they’re being marketed. Let your readers genuinely feel that you care and have their best interests at heart. Always start off your email by mentioning your reader by name.

Personalizing as per the above

Telling a Story

The part I strive most to achieve is to make the reader relate to my content. Try stepping into her shoes and seeing things from her perspective. You ultimately fail if you’re skating through words which are flying by your reader’s head. Once you bring a present tense in your email, you can see the magic start to happen. Facts appear boring when they’re spoken in a monotonous tone and stated like law. So, once you adopt a friendlier approach, readers will warm up that faster to your email.

The science behind storytelling

Fact Checks

How embarrassing would it be when you suffer a blow in your professional etiquette by getting a fact wrong? That’s why it is always important to double check the authenticity of the facts and figures you’ve decided to use in your email. The pervasiveness of unverified facts and fake news in the current environment of content marketing is a constant nuisance. Basically, everyone will double check anything no matter how smart or professional you sound. Make sure your content is iron-clad.

When subscribers check their email?

Email is basically breakfast in today’s world. The first thing in an individual’s agenda when they start their day is checking their email. Despite the rise of social media and messaging apps like Whatsapp and Messenger, email remains as the professional way of connecting with brands, making it the ideal tool for B2B or B2C communication.

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