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The days when businesses used to consider UX as something that should concern only designers are long gone. Smooth and engaging user experience plays a vital role in fulfilling the goals of every business. That’s why user experience design has become a...

Apptimize: Mobile Strategy, UX and Growth

About iFood iFood is the leading food delivery platform in Latin America with over 50,000 associated restaurants and 120,000 couriers. Every month, customers place millions of food orders for delivery using the iFood mobile app. The Challenge As part of a redesign of their mobile ordering app, the iFood team wanted to encourage more customers […]

The post How iFood Increased Online Payments Share by 14% With Apptimize appeared first on Apptimize.

Zsuzsa is co-founder and CMO at Antavo, the leading customer loyalty technology partner of dotdigital, specialized in helping fashion and retail brands in Europe. They provide technology and strategy to create customer retention programs so brands can…

The post How Amazon Moments affects customer loyalty in the most unexpected way appeared first on dotdigital blog.

Atlassian grew into a $20 billion dollar company without a formal sales team. So how did they do it? We sat down with Jay Simons, President of Atlassian, to get an inside look at their unique high-velocity, low touch sales model and whether it's right (or wrong) for your business.

The post How Atlassian built a $20 billion dollar company with no sales team appeared first on Inside Intercom.

Cheetah Digital provides the technology and expertise B2C marketers need to deliver enterprise-scale brand experiences and meaningful customer engagement across every touchpoint. As a cross-channel marketing technology company, managing email programs across our entire client base can be a time-consuming task. Our teams spend quite a bit of time logging into different tools to get […]
Winning the Email Hero Award for Best Email Series, this week we’re featuring Mercedes-Benz USA! To understand what went into this award-winning campaign, we interviewed Victoria O’Neill, Senior Full-Stack Developer assigned to Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC. What were the goals of this particular campaign? Historically, Mercedes-Benz digital communication strategy focused on speaking to the VIN, not […]
Nowadays, customers are used to being bombarded with product and service offerings across both online and offline communication channels. In such a highly-saturated and competitive environment, providing great customer service has become the key differ...

Spiraledge taps natural language technology from RichRelevance Inc. to improve product recommendations and generate “good friction” for online shoppers. Increased competition for web traffic and the rising costs of customer

The post How a swim and yoga apparel retailer uses AI to guide shoppers through its huge selection appeared first on RichRelevance.

How many times have you gone to a restaurant that does not take reservations and felt frustrated about the wait time? If you’re like me, it is too many to count. While many companies tend to focus on customer experiences at the point people are actual...

In our latest edition of Zoho Stories that inspire, I’m joined by Director Eileen Keane and CEO Justin J Smal, from Monread. We trace their...

The post How Monread built a successful CRM practice in Ireland and the UK, despite the large presence of Salesforce! appeared first on Zoho Blog.


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