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Friday, August 14, 2020

Technology rules the world. With time and advancement, it makes the business sector to adopt the changes to stay ahead in the throat-cut competitive world. E-commerce technology trends have a significant impact on online shopping. It will continue to have the influence of new technology, new consumer demands, and the constant shift from desktop to […]

The post 5 E-commerce Technology Trends That Will Shape The Future appeared first on MoEngage Journal.

Shopping from one store to another seems so tiring today after the appearance of eCommerce into all our lives. From fashion, electronics and home appliances, food products, medicines, beauty products or better say from pin to a piano, everything is ava...
There are more ways to reach your customers than ever, and thanks to that, multichannel marketing has become an essential marketing strategy that every ecommerce store needs to embrace in order to stand out, build brand awareness, create customer loyalty, and thrive in the face of a growing industry. See why you need it and how to make this strategy a reality.
The post Inside Digital Commerce: Speed of Innovation, Time to Value, & the CX: Mark Adams [Video] appeared first on Emarsys.
Kohl’s, Amazon And The Cycle Of Returns: 4 Ways To Manage A Monster It’s a case of foot traffic beating road traffic. By expanding its agreement to receive returns from Amazon.com, Kohl’s is helping resolve what most online merchants are grappling with...

Ecommerce Experience

Customers are the foundation of any business. This is true for businesses of all verticals, domains and approaches. Customers are important at all stages of your businesses process. Business goals, strategies, and marketing campaigns of leading brands are woven around the needs and preferences of their consumers and target audiences. Customers and eCommerce Environment In an age driven by digitization, mobile technology, and fierce competition, you cannot overlook the significance of customers. More than 5

The post How to Improve e-Commerce Customer Experience appeared first on Martech Zone.

Amazon is the fifth biggest retailer in the UK, accounting for £4 of every £100 spent. The other top spots are all taken by the 'Big Four' supermarkets, making Amazon's success particularly impressive. Amazon is one of the most popular sites for virtually every retail sector.

As the famous saying goes, “Change is the only constant in the universe,” and changes in e-Commerce is no exception. E-commerce makes up over 10% of all retail sales in the world with predictions that it will reach over 20% in the coming ye...
The post 3 Key Challenges for e-Commerce (and How to Overcome Them) appeared first on Emarsys.
The science of visual merchandising is no longer confined to brick-and-mortar – retailers can now use the tactics consumers still love and rely on to create truly immersive shopping experiences online. The post eCommerce Visual Merchandising: 7 In-Sto...


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