Thursday, July 16, 2020

Even with a good night's sleep and a big cup of coffee, many of us begin to lose steam only halfway through our morning. Running from meeting to meeting or pouring over tedious documents can take a lot out of you.

Let’s face it: you don’t need to be watching HBO’s acclaimed series Game of Thrones to see a rivalry like the Starks and Lannisters. A similar struggle for power and recognition is happening in the modern office everyday — between sales and marketing. With different goals, motivations, and tools, aligning your company’s sales and marketing departments can be...

We all know the feeling -- it's 11 p.m., your laptop is off, and you're lying in bed thinking, Shoot … did I remember to send that email?

Did you know that 68% of buyers prefer to research information about purchasing options on their own? In fact, 60% prefer not to interact with a salesperson at all!1  What’s a salesperson to do to get buyers to engage? A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SalesLoft found that “while increasingly independent, […]
We had big goals as we planned 2019’s Rainmaker.  How could we top last year?  With a Sales Revolution! The 1200+ industry leaders, Grammy-award winning entertainment, and inspiration from each and every speaker and attendee made it possible.  A diverse group (literally – the most diverse crowd in Rainmaker history!) of sales professionals came from […]
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so today we’re taking a closer look (pun intended) at performance marketing and affiliate marketing via infographics. Below you’ll find our favorites that break down the who, what, why, and words ... Read More
As we near the end of 2018 and begin 2019, we wanted to take a look back at all the amazing things that happened at Branch this year. From joining...
Customer journey today: With nearly 4 out of 5 people using mobile phones to access the internet, how likely is it that applicants will all have the correct documentation with them first time round?               &n...
How to Be An Agile Digital Marketer [Infographic] By Tom Buckland eCommerce marketing strategies need to adapt and evolve with the ever-changing digital ecosystem. Being an Amazon marketing expert i


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