Monday, February 17, 2020
IMAGE SOURCE: Social media is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to grow your blog or eCommerce storefront. You can communicate with your audience on a variety of platforms, and all of that information helps ...

Most of us have experienced the feeling of frustration when it comes to online security protocols. You need to log-in to an account, but you’ve forgotten your password. When you choose an option to reset your password, you are asked to answer one of your security questions. But you forget which movie you said was your favorite while you were growing up. You take a guess, but unfortunately it’s the wrong one and you find… Walking the Fine Line Between Customer Security and Convenience

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Editor’s Note: As we get ready for our book launch in May, we’re previewing the major topics. You can read more about our book at What differentiates a mapping program that drives action from one that doesn’t? A maj...
As anyone who’s worked with customers knows, interactions can vary from pleasant to nightmarish. Although rude customers can be unpleasant, some customers clearly fall into the “high maintenance” category, and it’s sometimes imp...

I admit it. I have my head in the clouds often. I’m a dreamer and a builder. I like building, creating, shaping…new ideas, new software, new businesses. Earlier in my career, my focus was on[...]

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Think about all the times you've signed up for things in your life. Did you once download Evernote? Dropbox? Spotify? Maybe you've even taken a class on General Assembly.

Each one of these signups is likely a result of an effective call-to-action (CTA).

And it's really important to guide your visitors through the buying journey using strategic CTAs.

For years, Gallup Research has reported on the impact of employee engagement on profits. Meanwhile, they’ve also reported on the dismal state of employee engagement; employees simply don’t care about their work as much as employers would hope. For inst...
Image courtesy of Pixabay I originally wrote today's post for CallidusCloud. It appeared on their blog on July 12, 2018.When companies focus on people, their people - employees first, then customers - the numbers will come.This is a tough concept for ...

There are many trends on the horizon that may pique your interest as you develop your business strategy to stand out amongst your competitors. Technologies like artificial intelligence with natural language processing or machine learning,[...]

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While customers are every brand’s top priority, most brands haven’t figured out how to engage with their customers in a way that’s palatable or effective. Research firm Gartner says 89% of companies compete based predominantly on customer experience, y...


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