Thursday, October 1, 2020
This is a modified version of a post I originally wrote for CallidusCloud. It appeared on their blog on June 14, 2018.If you want to move beyond cosmetic changes and lip service to real changes in both the employee experience and the customer experienc...
Are you planning to gear your product? If yes, then you must have done a lot of things, including from building concept to data testing and collecting emails. So, how you will be going to talk to them? Have you ever heard of drip marketing or drip emai...

As discussed in our previous blog ‘What is the difference between validation, verification and authentication?’, the data elements for identity validation don’t carry a high level of certainty that it is you and while identity verification, can significantly increase the confidence that the person is who they truly say they are, this is often accompanied…

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Image source: In the last decade I’ve seen and run a lot of Customer Listening programs. Here’s the one thing I know for sure: good Customer Listening always meets the same 5 standards. Meeting these standards achieves dependable, high-ins...
In my Daily Dose video series, I explore the topics that chief customer officers must grapple with on a daily basis. Join me as I discuss what I’ve learned over the course of my 35-year career, so that you can more effectively do the work that needs to...

No-Touch CRM

Sometimes you’re the bug and sometimes you’re the windshield. In this crazy race we call tech innovation, the last couple of years have been running at top speed in the front-office business apps market.  Cloud[...]

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What is a sales opportunity, and when do you know it's not a lead anymore?

Micro-interactions, transitions, and in-app animations should do one great job, which is to explain the logic of an app to a user and improve the overall app usability. You might hear it many times: good design is obvious, but great design is transpare...

Our previous blog post looked at how important strategic content is for your demand generation campaign. But it’s vital to remember that if you don’t get it in front of the right set of eyes, your content is useless. That’s why we’re going to focus on another essential part of your campaign: distribution. Every successful […]

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Editor’s Note: Marketer Spotlight is a series of blog interviews focused on sharing insights and best practices from marketing leaders on the various aspects of marketing in a digital world. In our recent #GROWTH19 conference, Pranav Kumar, the head of CRM at OYO Rooms, shared his insights on the role of a CRM in engaging […]

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