Wednesday, April 1, 2020

At Mixpanel, we relentlessly monitor customer feedback and take customer requests very seriously. So in the middle of last year, when we started seeing requests bubble up for a new report that would help customers visualize the many pathways their . . .

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Businesses are now embracing the concept of design thinking, as its practitioners have experienced proven success records. Although “Design Thinking” dates back to 1969, until today, most of the companies are still struggling with the concept. Those wh...

That’s why we recently launched Product Tours, a dead-simple onboarding tool featuring a code-free tour builder, error notifications and quick-start...

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A humble bestseller product recommendation is an easy win. For a little effort and low data dependencies, it gives you strong revenue uplift. Bestsellers’ high performance makes sense. Your most popular products are popular for good reason.…

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Study indicates that 25% of tech projects fail at the start; approx. 20% show no ROI at all and around 50% of them show the need of a rework as soon as the project is completed. While the tech development projects fail, interestingly the reasons for th...

Simply signing up users means nothing if you’re not helping them understand how they can actually achieve what you’ve promised....

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On this episode of Scale, Anthony Kennada discusses whether you should create a category or when it is a better strategy to enter a crowded marketplace with a disruptor product.

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Shipping a good product is a constant balancing act between different constraints and the limitations of the real world. Designers need to know what they're shipping to get the balance right.

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I’m Rakhi Parekh, a Senior Product Designer at Mixpanel, and I’m responsible for our product’s end-to-end user experience. Fundamentally, Mixpanel is a tool for answering questions about user behavior, and I help people find these answers as quickly as possible. . . .

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SendGrid's Expert Services offerings enable customers of all sizes to leverage our expertise through a variety of consulting and reporting options The post New Expert Services Offerings for Senders of Every Size and Budget appeared first on SendGrid.


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