Sunday, April 11, 2021

If you're a fan of HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Methodology, you probably understand the importance of customer success. If you don't, just know that 70% of businesses with growing revenue prioritize customer success as "very important." We can compare that to companies with decreasing revenue where only 49% believe it's important. So, if you want your business to succeed you must make sure your customers do, too.

What is a sales opportunity, and when do you know it's not a lead anymore?

Learn how to distribute and route marketing qualified leads to get better results rapidly includes 7 tips and a checklistThe post How to Improve Marketing Qualified Lead Routing Results appeared first on B2B Lead Blog.

We've all been through it. You know, the moment you're about to dig into the best darn pile of spaghetti and meatballs you've ever seen.

Just as you twist your fork in the pasta, spear a mouth-watering meatball, and go in for the first savory bite ... the phone rings. "May I speak to Lindsay Kow-low-witch?" asks the telemarketer on the other end. "This is an important message regarding your oven preferences."

Target your audience more precisely and improve open rates by using Segments, a powerful feature available to all OneSignal users.
Industrial email marketing is and should be an important component of your content marketing strategy when targeting engineers and technical professionals. I’m sure you’ve heard or read about email marketing being replaced by social media. Industrial e...

Messages that are personalized for a specific target audience always perform better than the spray-and-pray, one-size-fits-all campaigns. Everyone understand that, but not everyone takes to the time to set it up. The process of segmenting users seems daunting. It shouldn't. With OneSignal, you can integrate with your existing data management

It’s a fundamental principle of value-based selling that whenever a prospective customer is unable to establish any meaningful difference between the options open to them, they are likely to choose what they perceive to be the cheapest or safest option...
We spoke with customers including the #1 digital news source, local news broadcasters, tech bloggers, and the news divisions of major sports leagues. Here are the most effective OneSignal features they use to increase their clickthrough rates and reduce churn.
A few times a month, I visit with the largest and most sophisticated of my firm’s clients. In many cases, we are meeting with an email operations and deliverability team that is separate from the “marketing” team. Over the last few years, a trend has become apparent: the recommendations that we’re making to improve the […]


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