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A marketer’s world revolves around finding what matters most to their customers. New businesses, distinct methodologies, and complex pipelines—in the end, it all adds up to finding...

You can now export a segment in WebEngage as a Custom Audience to your Facebook business account. Overview Over the last few months, we’ve received several requests asking us to enable integration with Facebook. A majority of our customers create very detailed segments on WebEngage. They then target users in these segments through a series […]

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Learn how to leverage your historical email data to set up an efficient and accurate measurement strategy for your email program. The post How to Set Up Benchmarks and Reporting for Your Email Program appeared first on SendGrid.

Determining the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns requires you to be aware of email acquisition costs and metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, and average revenue. Unless you understand the value of this information, you will not be able to present a strong case for additional investments in strategizing your email marketing programs. […]

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Let’s review our recent State of Marketing Automation Report and how you can leverage this information to achieve maximum marketing success.
There’s no better way to connect with customers than through conversation. Note, the key word here is “conversation”, not communication. Email, online ads, and website content are great communication vehicles, but they are all one-sided and one directi...

An email app is an invaluable way to get full control of your inbox.

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Today’s buyers are accustomed to the Amazon experience: a multi-million-dollar web platform with a streamlined interface and a highly predictive process. For years, B2B customers tempered their commerce in comparison with consumer shopping. But w...

Back in the old days when the Internet was but an inconceivable fantasy, businesses had to get creative to communicate with their customers. In ancient China, runners would move on foot to inform traders of the presence of potential customers. The traders would then play the flute to attract their target audience of children and […]

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Photo by Rodolfo Clix from Pexels Automation is a buzzword that has spread to every corner of the industry, particularly when it comes to field service. We’ve seen smart buildings and intelligent houses, as well as a growing request from customers for ...


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