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When you outgrow your email service provider and are ready to elevate your marketing, marketing automation is the next step toward marketing maturity.
It’s the golden age of artificial intelligence (AI). No longer are machine learning algorithms implemented in server rooms with code scripted by research scientists. Instead, AI-driven insights are readily-available with cloud-based software solutions, like Pardot Einstein, which are flexible, simple to integrate, and tremendously powerful. Nevertheless, some marketers remain skeptical regarding the promises of AI....

Yes, you read the title right -- I guarantee that these templates will get responses from prospects. No, this isn't an infomercial. And you're right that they won't work every time.Free Download: 25 Proven Sales Email Templates

Over the years, many of us in the email marketing world have talked about improving with email deliverability, personalisation and more. Still, email almost died on us as spam and junk gremlins invaded our inboxes and damaged marketers reputations. With email marketing making a comeback, and spam filters only getting smarter, it’s time to look…

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One year ago, I invested about two minutes into learning shortcuts for Gmail.

Since then, it's saved me about one second per email action (ex. deleting, reply, composing, etc), which equals roughly 15 minutes per day.

Learn how to create an effective email marketing funnel to turn a subscriber into your customer.

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The Best Email Automation ToolsEmail marketing isn’t just writing an email and hitting send. All that effort rewards you with a boost in sales and the benefits of staying in touch with your customers, but the real good news? Email marketing gets easier with automation. Email marketing automation allows you to automatically send the…

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When your business makes a mistake, you need to act quickly. A sincere apology email can often help to fix the damage. But the stakes are high. Use the wrong words in your apology email, and you might anger your audience. To avoid disasters like this, ...

How to communicate with a vendor that youre not happyAs a small business, there are many things you can manage on your own, like email marketing. However, you may decide to outsource other tasks that you don’t know how to do, or don’t have the time or resources for. This is the point when you would call in a…

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Winning the Email Hero Award for Best Email Series, this week we’re featuring Mercedes-Benz USA! To understand what went into this award-winning campaign, we interviewed Victoria O’Neill, Senior Full-Stack Developer assigned to Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC. What were the goals of this particular campaign? Historically, Mercedes-Benz digital communication strategy focused on speaking to the VIN, not […]


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