Sunday, April 11, 2021
Modern times History has been recorded in relation to technology. Periods in time have been named and classified based on the dominant technology of the time.  The word, technology...

Even though Field of Dreams is one of my favorite movies, the saying “If you build it, they will come” sadly doesn’t apply to content marketing. Too often, we forget that content marketing consists of two keywords -- content and marketing. Creating content is usually the most fulfilling and enjoyable part of a marketer’s job. But distributing that content is just as crucial for your marketing success because if no one sees your content, they definitely won’t come.

This article was originally published on the FCR blog on March 22, 2019. Click here to read the original. Image by Adriano Gadini from Pixabay I recently contacted a company for customer service regarding a piece of software that was critical to me fi...

The fact is, the spotlight will always be on push notifications, with in-app in close second. There are two more channels that receive even less attention though: location-based and inbox messages. These are two innovative and effective, yet underutilized ways to reach out to your app users.

The world of marketing has changed so much in the last decade. We have come a long way from sending “junk mail” via the postal service to try and entice prospects and customers into doing business with us. Door-to-door sales and cold c...

How to Evolve Word of Mouth into a Million Dollar Marketing ChannelThere’s a new approach to “word of mouth” marketing, and it may have nothing to do with actually speaking. Word of mouth, or, what happens when people who know you well put their reputation on the line to tell others about your business, carries heavy weight in the small business…

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In this Rethink Marketing podcast recap, Nick Jordan from Logic Inbound outlines what you need to build a successful channel partner strategy.


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