Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Cross-channel marketing may be a buzzword, but it’s always been a best practice. Even when a product clearly lends itself to a certain channel, customers are — and always have been — cross-channel. Take cars. Yes, there’s a rea...
It’s hard to imagine that any marketer today isn’t aware of the importance of “digital experience” (DX). No longer a nice-to-have, DX has become a pivotal differentiator for organizations in almost any sector, ahead of even pric...
Users now engage with brands across more channels, platforms, and devices than ever. While cross-platform users present a tremendous opportunity (with higher conversion and retention rates than their single-platform counterparts),...

Omnichannel experience is not just a buzzword. It’s a way to strengthen your relationship with the customers by offering them frictionless service across various platforms and devices. Take Starbucks for instance, the brand is known for its world-class coffee, but more importantly, it has earned the reputation of being the top player in the omnichannel […]

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In the strictest sense, omnichannel marketing means offering customers a seamless brand, message and experience across every channel (including print, email, online and in-store). Customers might interact with a brand via a blog or a tweet or SMS or a Facebook post. These are all touchpoints and they must all be brand consistent—as well as […]

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The world has moved away from computers, TV, and retail stores to laptops, cellphones, and online shopping; no wonder the marketing norms have also involved. Omnipresent customers looking for omnichannel marketing! Back in the day, users would go to look at one medium to shop, but now they have multiple mediums to buy a single […]

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At Modern Customer Experience in Las Vegas, Shashi Seth, SVP of Oracle Marketing Cloud, described how the future of marketing is basically looking at a segment of one (in a panel called "The Future of Digital Marketing).  It all started...
The world of marketing has changed so much in the last decade. We have come a long way from sending “junk mail” via the postal service to try and entice prospects and customers into doing business with us. Door-to-door sales and cold c...


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