Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The great promise of the mobile age

… would be this: If you give up your data, we’ll give you better experiences. That’s the inherent contract between an end user and a brand on mobile. One side gets data, the other side gets messages and content they especially want.

Understanding the difference between Co-Op Marketing Funds and Market Development Funds can help Brands align national-to-local marketing strategy. [...]


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For a long time, digital marketers organized their entire content calendar around specific keywords. They'd work with their teams to brainstorm core keywords relevant to their products or services, as well as all the variations of that keyword most likely to bring them high-converting traffic.

Want to generate more sales revenue with your landing pages and marketing funnels? Then look no further – read this post and start driving more quality traffic to your site with Facebook ad campaigns. Not sure if it’s the right thing for your business or maybe you’re worried that it’ll be difficult? Don’t be! In […]

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  For the first version of your mobile app, you want to build a simple and intuitive user experience. Any feature that disrupts the intuitiveness of the experience is not worth having. Your app needs to fill a gap in the user’s life – it needs to ...

Online Tools

Over the last few years, increased used of digital media by customers has changed the way companies market their brands. Businesses have just a few minutes to capture a visitor’s attention and control their purchasing power. With many options available to customers, each organization has to find a unique mix of marketing strategies that will ensure customer loyalty to their brand. However, all these strategies now focus on building and further improving website engagement. We’ve

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When you look at me, what do you see? Someone who is a marketer… maybe even an entrepreneur. As you may already know, I’ve co-founded a handful of companies. I’ve received a handful of awards from people like President Obama and the United Nations. And I am a New York Times bestselling author. The list […]

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In recent years, digital marketing has risen to become the buzz word in the marketing world owing to the fact that a lot is being talked about the business activity. Along with other business organizations, many top business organizations and companies...
Tweet LinkedIn Share Email Lead scoring – as a fundamental part of a company’s lead management strategy – has officially fallen out of fashion.  I say this based, anecdotally, on the number of B2B marketers I talk to who either 1) don’t use lead...
Why you need to be a “pipe”, not a “bucket” marketer. B2B marketers seem to come in two varieties; those with a propensity to act, and those with a propensity to ponder. The former usually have a much higher output than the latter. And yes, they also m...


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