Wednesday, April 1, 2020
Your customers don’t care about you, your products, or your services. They care about themselves. -Joe Pulizzi The internet, search engines, and social media give online users an infinite choice: They can do as much research about products and services...
Our culture glorifies being busy. But we don’t always glorify spending time on the right things. This week was about... Continue Reading The post Sharpen Your Writing and Content Focus for Materially Better Results appeared first on Copyblogge...

Amazon is the fifth biggest retailer in the UK, accounting for £4 of every £100 spent. The other top spots are all taken by the 'Big Four' supermarkets, making Amazon's success particularly impressive. Amazon is one of the most popular sites for virtually every retail sector.

The answer to, “How do I get more engagement, more traffic, more search engine authority, more sales,” or more of... Continue Reading The post How to Improve Audience Engagement Without Writing 10 Times More Content appeared first on Cop...

When crafting your content strategy, there is one simple tactic which, provided you stick to it, will help you rise above the noise. Put simply: have an opinion.

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Back in the sweltering summer of 2007, I got a bit crazy. I wanted to get across to people that... Continue Reading The post 10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer [Free Poster] appeared first on Copyblogger.

I have a question for you… How do you figure out what you should blog about? If I had to take a guess, you probably come up with ideas based on one of two strategies. The first is to use tools like Ubersuggest to come up with a list of keywords. But once you find […]

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Personalized marketing requires an omnichannel approach that puts your website at the forefront. Learn how Adaptive Web can help you do that!

Presentation Design

Everyone knows that PowerPoint is the language of business. The problem is, most PowerPoint decks are nothing more than a series of overstuffed and often confusing slides that accompany nap-inducing soliloquies by presenters. Having developed thousands of presentations, we’ve identified best practices that are simple, yet rarely employed. To that end, we created Center of Gravity, a new framework for building presentations. The idea is that each deck, every slide, and every piece of content

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It doesn’t matter if you create content about minimalism or motorcycles. Every audience has these three sub-groups: People who read... Continue Reading The post Every Audience Has This in Common (Use It to Stay Hyper-Relevant) appeared first on Copy...


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