Wednesday, April 1, 2020
Baird Hall, founder of content creator tools Zubtitle and Wavve, discusses how to better promote your content on LinkedIn and other social platforms.
We know content marketing is important to your overall marketing strategy in 2019. That is why we've rounded up these content marketing tips to help you succeed.
Just look at all that content you produced in 2018: a myriad of shareable, clickable, likeable stuff. But did it actually work? Did it reach your audience — and did they actually engage with it? Did it lead to tangible, positive results for your sales and marketing teams? Did you convert prospects into customers? Hopefully, the...
According to CMI's Content Marketing benchmark report, it's essential that B2B marketers have a documented content marketing strategy. Get the details.
This is a guest post by Chris Stocker of Chris Stocker has been involved in affiliate marketing since 2007 and currently works as an account manager for AM Navigator, a leading affiliate OPM agency. Affiliate marketing is a type ... Read More

Companies today are grappling with how to best market to consumers on various social networks. How can they better identify the types of content that will perform the best on each network? To answer that question (and better inform HubSpot’s own social strategy), HubSpot Research and the University of Virginia teamed up to survey consumers and analyze existing branded content to produce a framework that helps brands identify the types of content that performs best on a given social network. This post is an overview of a longer report published by HubSpot Research.

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Last week, we announced a bunch of new features that we added to our product—All of them in line with our commitment to make Zoho...

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Social media can help companies attract and convert more leads if used properly. These 5 tips will improve your social media engagement for even better results.

If we’re being honest, the entire purpose of the content we create is to take our leads on a journey. A journey with the ultimate goal of converting them into a customer. We know the struggles of analysing content to find the areas to improve (especially when you’re the one who’s written it). So, we’ve detailed the…

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