Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Take a tour through 20 best digital marketing podcasts on email and content marketing, SMM and SEO.

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On the Rethink Marketing podcast, Tom Schwab outlines how podcasts can be a great lead gen tactic, even converting 25 times bettter than a blog.

Have you ever noticed how quickly things can change? A new product or service revolutionizes an industry overnight, and it becomes hard to imagine life before it. Who remembers T9 now that talk-to-text is so mainstream? Is anyone still holding onto the number for a reliable taxi service? Or, do we rely on our Uber and Lyft apps instead?

Kyle Randall and Nate Martin work in an industry notorious for email deliverability issues, but they’ve overcome those challenges to build an email marketing program that engages their audience in a... The post The Commerce Marketer Podcast: Email Mark...
Baird Hall, founder of content creator tools Zubtitle and Wavve, discusses how to better promote your content on LinkedIn and other social platforms.
Host: Greg Zakowicz, Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst, Oracle Bronto Guest: Roy Steves, Founder, StatBid During the 2017 holiday season, paid search drove more than 23% of website traffic. It is... The post The Commerce Marketer Podcast: Paid Search S...
In this Rethink Marketing podcast recap, Nick Jordan from Logic Inbound outlines what you need to build a successful channel partner strategy.


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