Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Apptimize: Mobile Strategy, UX and Growth

Through working with media broadcasters and streaming companies like A&E and Discovery, we at Apptimize have seen what kinds of A/B tests really work for mobile, OTT, and web app that specialize in streaming content. We consolidated the top 5 and brought them to you in an easy to read infographic. To learn more about […]

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In a world where people are bombarded with countless emails on a regular basis, it’s more important than ever to craft emails with purpose. According to Statista, 269 billion emails were sent in 2017, and that figure is expected to rise to a stagger...

When marketers like us create landing pages, write email copy, or design call-to-action buttons, it can be tempting to use our intuition to predict what will make people click and convert.

But basing marketing decisions off of a "feeling" can be pretty detrimental to results. Rather than relying on guesses or assumptions to make these decisions, you're much better off running an A/B test -- sometimes called a split test.

The year is winding down and you’re likely in a rush to report on what has gone well in 2018 while also planning for the future. In the midst of all that, it's easy to miss out on opportunities to try something new. Especially if you’re locked into a mobile marketing routine you love. It might feel like a big lift to try to make any changes now but you’ll find it’s easier than you think and the learnings will be worth it.

Apptimize: Mobile Strategy, UX and Growth

Data-driven insights derived from mobile A/B testing inform product teams on where to double-down their efforts and where to pivot strategies. A/B testing helps product managers optimize experiences across the entire user journey — from user acquisition on major app stores to ongoing mobile engagement. From working with companies that have run experiments on over […]

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Apptimize: Mobile Strategy, UX and Growth

Product and engineering teams can now choose from the top four mobile backend technologies with the addition of our Java SDK We are excited to announce that we have made a substantial addition to Apptimize Cross-Platform with the release of our Java SDK for server-side A/B testing. With this release, Apptimize now supports testing across all […]

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Apptimize: Mobile Strategy, UX and Growth

Product teams that build sticky products in today’s proliferating technology landscape have to embrace a culture of experimentation and A/B testing to know what users want. Empowering innovation among product teams is at the heart of what we do –that’s why we conducted research to obtain insight into what product managers are testing and why. […]

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