Sunday, April 11, 2021

Let’s get this out into the open: I bite my nails. Or at least I did. (Kinda gross, right?)

But a few summers ago, I watched as my then three-year-old son chomped down on his fingernail. That was it. The final kick in the butt I needed to see to finally stop a decades-old bad habit.

Multitasking, the act of doing many things at once, is productive. Or so many people thought. Many neuroscientists have stated that we do not really do things simultaneously. We just switch from doing one task to the other fast. “People can&#8217...

In recent years, viewpoints have shifted on the concepts of "having it all" and "juggling work and life." We’ve come to recognize no one has it all, day in and day out; we may strike a healthy balance one week and find ourselves a bit lopsided the next. In other words, the battle for balance is ongoing. That’s why we have to build up what Judy Cascapera, Nestlé USA’s Chief People Officer, calls "the balance muscle."


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